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Motherhood Mystery

Your journey begins

You are walking the road into unknown territory

Motherhood is a mystery

Of varying emotions suspended in the same second

No one can fully prepare you for it...

So, Brace yourself!!

The road is long and winding

Scattered with spectacular views of stunning mountaintops and beautiful hills, yet dotted about with deep dark valleys

Choose the right Guide for this lifelong journey

Hold tightly to God’s hand as you walk through the numerous doors

that motherhood will surely bring your way

The doors of...

Courage and Fear

Strength and Weakness

Sanity and Insanity

Laughter and Joy

Light and Shadows

Sorrow and Tears

Contentment and Resentment

Pride and Shame

Guilt and Perseverance

The life that has come through you is a blank page

Fill it up. Don’t hold back!

Shower your child with love. Don’t hold it in!

Let the pages of your baby’s life be filled with moments of wonder and appreciation.

Write into it –

Faithfulness, Gentleness

Goodness, Tenderness

Forgiveness and Grace

Allow your friends to share in the writing of this mini book of life –

Use them to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Let your family contribute their own special marks, stamps and stickers on the blank pages.

Teach and train your child to embrace all the blessings of living in the light

Experience life in all its fullness with this little being

Then send him or her off to light up the world!

Give yourself lots of room to make mistakes and learn from them.

In time you’ll see that there is Beauty in the Mystery.

You will understand through contemplation and frustration

that this robust journey is a gift to better you.

And you’ll see that your blank pages too are being coloured with heart warming pictures, heart stopping words and heart trusting life lessons.


Peju Abuchi is a lover of words, laughter and home made cake.

She started writing as a young teenager and has brought delight to the hearts of many through her poems, stories, quotes and blog posts.

As an Educator, she has used her passion for words to tutor, teach, train and mentor people from all walks of life.

When words are placed in her hands and heart, they truly come alive!

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